Hello! I'm




né Sypnier

And I am an Internet Wizard


The Mighty Adam
I built my first website when I was in 8th grade and haven't stopped since (it was a comic book fansite, hosted on Geocities). The next year in art class, we were given Adobe Photoshop 5.5 and shortly thereafter I was assisting instructions on how to use the alien software. I originally went to college to learn beyond my abilities, but instead became far more interested in treating the Internet as a place of art and experimentation, coupling with my newfound love of video and animation. But I was pulled into the programming world with the launch of the university's new database-driven website, which I was hired to work on with a small group of faculty members.

Since moving to Brooklyn in 2007 following New Media studies at SUNY Purchase, I have worked both independently and freelancing within some great tech companies, helping them achieve Internet awesomeness and further pushing my mostly self-taught knowledge. There's a really amazing feeling when you translate a product or idea into a stylish, smart, sophisticated website in ways that may be perfectly invisible to the average viewer but admired by the experienced eye, and that is the very thing that has kept me designing and developing since before I could drive.

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